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PatientPop is a software company that maintains the web presence and reputation of healthcare practices all over the nation. The website is typically a patient's first interaction with practices in their healthcare journey, from learning about the practice, making an appointment, to receiving email reminders the day before the appointment. Healthcare professionals frequently require edits and updates to their websites to keep patients informed with the most up to date medical information. 

As a web designer on the Practice Support team, I work on web edits and redesigns post- launch. To build the websites, I use PatientPop's proprietary content management software. PatientPop's CMS contains website templates and options to code custom content using HTML & CSS. I work with clients on their website needs. 


A provider reached out to PatientPop and requested to redesign and modernize the look and feel of his website created over 5 years ago. The website contains a lot of content and he wanted to declutter the website and create a minimalistic design, especially on the home page. 

The provider is an ophthalmologist and helps patients with their eyes and vision. I wanted to create a minimalistic design where color is used only in areas that will grab the attention of users eyes. That is why I chose to go with black and white as the primary and secondary colors. Black and white are also colors used in professional settings. The hero image is black and white with a spot of blue to add a dramatic effect to the website when users first land on the page.

The primary font chosen is PT Sans Bold, a simple sans serif font, to compliment the font in the practice’s logo. The color blue is used for CTAs throughout the site to draw the attention of user’s eyes so that they will be more likely to book an appointment. White space was used throughout the website to keep with the clean and simple design aesthetic and to allow the content room to breathe. Below is the Safety page on the websitetext and images were alternated to make the text easier to digest because having long blocks of texts deter users from reading it.

Another provider reached out to PatientPop requesting to rebuild their outdated website. They wanted to redo the entire navigation and site map of the website. I worked with a designer to develop and implement their new design. The website was built using both a combination of PatientPop’s CMS and custom coding certain sections using HTML & CSS.

The Treatments service page was custom coded using the mockups that was provided by the designer. A 3-column grid was utilized to build the foundation of the modules. Once one row of content was built out, the remaining content had the same structure but the content in each column were rearranged. These custom built modules appears throughout the website to showcase the practice’s services and treatments.

Many customers request custom designs for their websites to match their brand. Due to the limitations of design templates in the CMS, we use HTML & CSS to code out custom modules. The following are custom built modules that I built using HTML & CSS for different practices’ websites.

This is a custom module built to feature practice’s blogs. This module typically appears at the bottom of the website for users who wish to read more about health news.

This is a custom module built to showcase the different services provided by the practice. Showcasing all the services in a grid allows for users to see all the types of treatments the practice offers at a glance. Users can further click onto any service tile to learn more information about the service.

This is a custom module built to showcase the staff members/providers at the practice. Patients like to know who the doctors and nurses are before they book an appointment.

This is a custom built interactive service pricing table. Studies have shown that patients are less afraid to book an appointment once they know how much procedures may cost. Users can click on each procedure to learn more about it.​​​​​​​

Following is a custom built accordion module for the different locations that a practice owns. The practice didn’t want users to scroll through a long list on the website to find this information, which is why most of the content is hidden in the accordion and is accessible when users click on the location category they are looking for.

This is a custom built promo for many private practices who started providing Telehealth services during COVID in order to keep their businesses afloat. This was one of the promos I built for practices’ to promote their Telehealth services on the homepage of their website.

This is a custom built module for a holistic health practice that wanted to promote vitamin supplements. This full-width module was good to use when doctors want to alternate images with stacked modules.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding any of the content I developed!
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