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PatientPop specializes in curating and enhancing the online presence and reputation of healthcare practices across the nation. The website serves as the initial touchpoint for patients embarking on their healthcare journey, encompassing critical functions such as acquiring information about the patients, scheduling appointments, and receiving timely email reminders leading up to their appointments. 

Given the dynamic nature of healthcare, healthcare professionals routinely make adjustments and updates to their websites to ensure patients have access to the most current and pertinent information concerning their practice.

As a web designer on the Practice Support team, my primary responsibility centered around post-launch web edits and redesigns. To build the websites, I used PatientPop's proprietary content management systems, ATOMIC and Site Creator. PatientPop's CMS has an extensive selection of website templates and offers versatile avenues for coding custom content using HTML and CSS. This allowed for the creation of custom tailored online experiences.

My commitment to client satisfaction was demonstrated through multiple video call working sessions with clients to ensure that their practice needs for the website was achieved. This also allowed clients to receive tailored and effective solutions to enhance their online presence.


A healthcare provider requested to revamp and modernize their existing website, which had been in existence for over five years. The website contained an extensive volume of content that required reorganization of content hierarchy to optimize user experience, with an emphasis on utilizing minimalistic design, particularly on the homepage.

With the objective of minimalism, I used a monochromatic palette of black and white as primary and secondary colors, leveraging the professionalism commonly associated with these hues in professional settings. The hero image, rendered in black and white with a subtle touch of blue, serves as a visually eye-catching focal point, delivering a dramatic and impactful first impression for users upon landing on the page.

The font used was PT Sans Bold, a straightforward sans-serif font chosen to match with the font utilized in the practice's logo. The use of the color blue as the designated hue for Call to Actions (CTAs) across the website was instrumental in capturing users' attention to click on the button for appointment bookings. White space was used throughout the website to keep with the clean and simple design aesthetic and to allow the content room to breathe. Below is an example of one of the pages on the website. To enhance user readability, the position of text and images were alternated within each section. This ensures a more user-friendly and accessible content consumption experience.

A provider requested a comprehensive overhaul of their outdated website. The primary objective was a complete overhaul of the website's navigation and site map, aimed at enhancing user experience and modernizing their digital presence.

In collaboration with a skilled designer, I played a pivotal role in building the new website design. I utilized the custom coding editors on PatientPop's CMS to build the new website. The redesigned  website met the provider's specific needs and objectives.

The Treatments service page was custom coded using the mockups that was provided by the designer. A 3-column grid was utilized to build the foundation of the modules. Each row has similar structure for consistency. These custom built modules appears throughout the website to showcase the practice’s services and treatments.

A considerable number of clients expressed the desire for tailor-made website designs that aligned with their unique brand identities. To achieve their goal, I employed HTML and CSS to craft custom modules, given the constraints of the CMS.

The following comprises a collection of custom coded modules,  using HTML and CSS, and  implemented across various practices' websites to match the aesthetics and functionality with each respective brand.

This is a custom module built to feature practice’s blogs. It is intentionally positioned towards the bottom of the website, catering to users seeking in-depth insights into health news and related topics.

This is a custom module built to showcase the different services provided by the practice. Showcasing all the services in a grid allows for users to see all the types of treatments the practice offers at a glance. Users can further click onto any service tile to learn more information about the service.

This is a custom module built to showcase the staff members/providers at the practice. This feature enables prospective patients to familiarize themselves with the doctors and nurses who form an integral part of the practice's healthcare team. This transparency fosters a sense of trust and reassurance, often influencing the patients' decision to book an appointment. The hover effect was utilized to add a more dynamic and interactive experience for the user in the introduction of the providers.

This is a custom built interactive service pricing table. Studies have shown that patients are less afraid to book an appointment once they know how much procedures may cost. Within this feature, users can click on individual procedures to access detailed information, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare needs.

Following is a custom built accordion module for the different locations that a practice owns. In response to the practice's request for a decluttered and user-friendly interface, this module utilizes collapsible accordions to conceal long lists of locations into categories. Users can readily access the specific location category they seek by simply clicking, creating organized browsing experience.

This custom built promo was used for many private practices who started providing Telehealth services during COVID in order to keep their businesses afloat. This promo was placed on the homepage of the practice's website to highlight that they offer Telehealth services.

This is a custom built module for a holistic health practice to promote vitamin supplements. This full-width module was utilized to alternate images and text within the page when multiple modules were stacked together.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding any of the content I designed and developed!
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